Sandra Polanía-Reyes

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

  • My research interests are experimental economics in the context of development economics.
  • I will join the Department of Economics at Pontifical Xaverian University in the Fall 2017.

My job market paper tests an unintended benefit of a Conditional Cash Transfer program on coordination among their beneficiaries. I design and conduct a laboratory economic experiment in the field based on a weak-link Coordination game. There is a sizable effect of exposure to the CCT program on coordination effort: those exposed to the program for over a year are not just coordinating; they are more likely to exert the highest level of effort and reach higher earnings. Collected data is rich enough to establish that the improvement in coordination is not due to potential confounding factors such as willingness to cooperate, connectivity or socio-economic characteristics. A structural choice model of the individual decision to coordinate sheds light on the role of beliefs about others’ behavior and suggests the presence of a coordination device to avoid the risk dominant equilibrium: the certainty in assessing what others do. The findings support nascent initiatives to influence beliefs through policy instruments.

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Teaching and Research Fields

  • Primary
  • Experimental Economics
  • Development Economics
  • Secondary
  • Microeconomics
  • Applied microeconometrics
  • Behavioral Economics


  • Phone: +1(734)277-1984
  • Department of Economics
  • University of Notre Dame
  • 838 Flanner Hall
  • Notre Dame, IN 46556 USA
Photo credit: Les Solorzano